Fudan Alumni Mao Chen and Yu Zhiguang in ACSE Annual Conference.

 ACSE 14th Annual Conference and Symposium on

“Economy Hotspots in China and Opportunities for Chinese-American Professionals”


 September 23, 2006, Saturday

Wyndham Northwest Chicago Hotel (Grand Ball Room III&IV, Ground floor)

(400 Park Boulevard Itasca, Illinois 60143     Tel: 630-7734000 Fax: 630-7734087)

Morning Session

9:00-9:30 AM              Registration - Mr. Jie Xie, ACSE VP Membership Services

9:30-9:40 AM              Introduction of honored guests and keynote speakers - Dr. Kezhun Li, ACSE Secretary General

9:40-9:45 AM              Welcome speech Dr. Chunlai Yang, President of ACSE

9:45-9:50 AM              ACSE election results Dr. Wenqi Luan, Chairman of ACSE Board

9:50-9:55 AM              New ACSE President inaugural ceremony and speech – Dr. Chunlai Yang

9:55-10:10 AM            Guest speech and remark         

·        Mr. Jinzhong Xu, Consul General, Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Chicago

·        Greeting letter from Mr. Dongpuo Guo, Chairman of Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese of PRC

·        Greeting letter from Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of PRC

·        Greeting letter from Governor of the State of Illinois Mr. Rod Blagojevich,

·        Greeting letter from Mayor of the City of Chicago, presented by Mr. Gene Lee, Deputy Chief of Stuff at Mayor Office of Chicago

·        Greeting letter from Illinois Senate President Email Jones, Jr.

·        Other honored guests’ greetings.

10:10-10:30 AM          Opening Speech with greeting letter from U. S. Secretary of Labor Dept

Keynote Speaker:  Ms. Anna S. Hui, Special Assistant of Elaine L. Chao, U.S. Department of Labor

10:30-11:05 AM          “The Prospects of Tianjing Binhai Special Zone – a Real Hotspot in the China Economy in next decade”

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Yunnian Zhang, Chairman, Tianjing Investment Promotion Center and Tianjing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment

10:05-11:40 AM          “How to optimize US companies' operations in China”

                                    Keynote Speaker: Mr. David Nealis, President, Blue Bridge, Inc.

11:40-12:15 PM          “Happiness in China”

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Christopher K. Hsee, Theodore O. Yntema Professor, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago

12:15 to 12:25 PM       ACSE Contribution and Sponsorship Award

Luncheon Session (12:30-2:00 PM Wyndham Northwest Chicago Hotel, Ground floor)

Dr. Xiao Xu, Deputy Secretary General, ACSE

·                    Introduce Local Chinese American Organizations

·                    Reward the retired board members and introduce the new board members


Afternoon Sessions (2:00-5:30 PM)

Session A        Business Route for Scientists and Engineers (Room: Windsor, 2nd floor) Moderator:  Dr. George (Zhiguang) Yu, Vice President, ACSE


Career Paths and Business Development

Speaker: Mr. George Maliekal, Senior Director, Business Development of Abbott Diagnostic Division, Abbott Laboratories

Mr. George Maliekal has 23 years career at Abbott, with assignments in R&D, Engineering Management, Marketing Management, General Management, and Business Development and Licensing. He received his BS degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago, and MBA from Northwestern University. In this presentation, he will share his insight and experience regarding career path change, elaborate his vision about business development, including strategy, team selection, internal sell, negotiation skills, execution, and success metrics.


Starting Your Business

Speaker: Mr. George Mui, Director, Illinois Small Business Development Center, Asian American Alliance

Mr. George Mui is the Director of the Asian American Alliance Small Business Development Center, and the President of his own consulting firm New World Connections, Inc. Previously, he was the Director of Product Management and Global Marketing at Lucent Technologies, managing a 400 Million dollar telecommunication business. George also serves as a volunteer board of directors for the Greater Chicago Chapter of Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA). He initiated their education programs focusing on professional development for OCA members and the Asian American community, and has worked with Asian American organizations at Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Abbott Labs, AON, etc. Over 600 students attended his workshop over a 7- year period.

To meet the needs of ACSE members, Mr. Mui has specifically designed this talk and will offer his perspective on the critical steps in "Starting Your Business". This will include a review of a feasibility checklist, business plan development, financing, and how to take advantage of available support system. Mr. Mui will also discuss how to overcome barriers facing Asian American small business owners today.


Choosing the Form of Business Organization

Speaker:  Ms. Woon-Wah Siu, Attorney at Law, Bell, Boyd & Lloyd LLC

Ms. Woon-Wah Siu has been in legal practice for more than 13 years and has extensive experience in general corporate, securities law and mergers and acquisitions, assisting U.S. and foreign enterprises various matters relating to inbound and outbound investments.  Ms. Siu is an author and frequent speaker and lecturer.  She edited the firm’s “Corporate and Securities Law


Handbook,” is a past chair of the 1933 Act/1934 Act Subcommittee of the Securities Law Committee of the Chicago Bar Association.  She serves as Chairperson of Chicago Committee on Minorities in Large Law Firms and President of Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Chicago.  Ms. Siu received her undergraduate degree in economics cum laude from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, her M.A. in economics from The University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and her J.D. magna cum laude from the University of Illinois College of Law. 

In this presentation, Ms. Siu will discuss how to choose the right form of organization for your business, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different entity forms: corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies.  Time permitting, she will describe the mechanics of organizing a business entity in Illinois


Start up a Company in China

Speaker: Dr. Chen Mao, Vice President, Shanghai Medicilon, Inc.      

Dr. Chen Mao is the Co-founder and Vice President of Shanghai Medicilon Inc. He started his own business in Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Industry Park at Shanghai two years ago, providing research services in preclinical drug discovery and development including chemistry, DMPK, and biology.  Now, there are more than one hundred scientists in the company, with clients all over the world.  Dr. Mao received his Ph.D. from Cornell University and did his post-doc work at Medical Center of Duke University.   Before he started his own business, he was the Director of Structural Biology Department at Hughes Institute in Minnesota and APC pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Mao has co-authored over 50 publications and several patents in drug discovery, and has served on a NIH structural biology project review panel. In this talk, Dr. Mao would like to share his personal experiences and thoughts about how to set up a startup company in China.


Intellectual Property Protection

Speaker: Mr. Edward D. Manzo, Attorney at Law, and Founder of Cook Alex Ltd., Cook Alex Ltd

Mr. Edward D. Manzo is a founder and senior partner of Cook Alex, an IP law firm in Chicago exclusively dedicated to providing a full range of intellectual property and technology-related legal services. A graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (1972) and the University at Buffalo Law School (1975), he is admitted to the bars of NY, IL, and the USPTO. Specializing in a diverse range of IP matters since 1975, Mr. Manzo is very active in the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC) where he is currently a board member and previously chaired its litigation committee for three years.  He was principal counsel for IPLAC as amicus curiae in Phillips v. AWH Corp. (Fed. Cir. en banc) (patent claim construction), and ITW v. Independent Ink (S. Ct.) (presumptions of market power against patentees in anti-trust tying cases).  Further, he originated and has been the editor-in-chief since 2001 of an annual review of claim construction law of the Federal Circuit.  He is on the Patents Subcommittee of the Pattern Jury Instruction Committee for the Seventh Circuit (2006).  He is listed in Who’s Who in the World, Illinois Superlawyers, Leading Lawyers in Illinois.

Innovation, invention and the process of translating ideas into products and services continue to be a major factor fueling economic growth.  In today’s world that process has even more significance given global competitiveness and national productivity.  Mr. Manzo’s presentation is intended to provide an overview on the protection of ideas, and the products and services derived from them, and to help attendees frame intellectual property issues and concerns to allow for discussion with legal counsel, bankers, investors and customers, and within the company structure.


Panel Discussion (Q&A, interaction time between Audience and all speakers)



Session B        Economy Hotspots in China (Room: Chambers, Ground floor)

Moderator:  Dr. Hong Jiang, Vice President, ACSE


Suzhou-Government motivated VC Fund and marching toward an innovative economy

Speaker: Ms. Daisy Gao, Deputy General Manager, Suzhou Industrial Park Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

In line with the key strategy of building up an innovation country by 11th Five Year plan from China central government, after two decades of development of foreign-oriented manufacturing industry, Suzhou is marching towards its third transforming and will play a even more important role in this new era by thinking about the real rule of innovation and implementing a unique government motivated VC fund. The presentation will share with you the latest information of the active VC investment and M&A in China, the winning strategy of innovative companies and the possible support you will obtain from Suzhou


Start Up Your Business In Zhongguancun

Speaker: Mr. Frank Feng Tan, Chief Representative of Beijing Zhongguancun in CA, USA, Beijing ZhongGuanCun Science Park

·        Zhongguancun overview: facts and numbers

·        The Returnees in Zhongguancun

·        The Supporting system to help you get started

·        Financing and funding policies

·        Why you have to come to Zhongguancun


Introduction about Tianjing and Benhai Special Zone

Speaker:  Mr. Yunnian Zhang, Chairman, Tianjing Investment Promotion Center, Tianjing Benhai Special Zone


How To Access Opportunities and Position in China

Speaker: Mr. Shawn He, Chairman, MeetChinaBiz

The talk will seek to provide an overview of the developmental status of China and remark on the areas where opportunities may be found and how to access them and how American businesses can position themselves in that market.



Session C        Live in USA: Investment, Law…  (Room: Trafalgar, 2nd floor)

Moderator:  Dr. Kui Chen, Director of General Activities Committee, ACSE


Invest your Future

Speaker: Ms. Clara Chen, Financial Executive, CitiBank


What An Investor Should Do?”

Speaker: Ms. Joanna Wang, Financial Planner/ Registered Investment Advisor, Prudential Financial


The Macro Asset Perspective

Speaker:  Wei Yang, Financial professional, New York Life


Hot Issues of PERM and H-1B

Speaker:  Mr. John Z. Huang, Attorneys at Law, John Z. Huang & Associates


An Inside View of China Venture Capital and Private Equity Fund Industry

Speaker: Mr. Walter Huang, Founder and Partner, Heracles Investment

·        Who are Private Equity Investors in China

·        What are The Major Problems Faced by Private Equity Investors

·        How does Government support the industry? What are the Political Risks?

·        The Different Concepts of VC Investment between US and China

·        Bulge Bracket's Private Equity Investment Arms

·        Major Foreign Private Equity Investment Firms

·        Home-Grown Chinese VC Firms and Repatriated Chinese VCs



Banquet (6:30 to 8:30 PM, House of Hunan Restaurant 1233 E. Golf Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173 Tel. 847-605 1166)

Host: Dr. Chunlai Yang, President of ACSE

(Optional for attendees. Pre-registration needed)