ACSE 15th Annual Conference and Symposium

“Strengthen Sino-US Science, Technology and Culture Exchange

Promote Civilization and Harmonious Development in the Society


 Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Westin Chicago Northwest Hotel

(400 Park Boulevard Itasca, Illinois     60143 Tel: 630-7734000 Fax: 630-7734087)

Morning Session (Apricot Hall)

Moderator: Dr. Zhiguang Yu, ACSE Vice President

9:00-9:30 AM              Registration - Mr. Xiaodong Huang, ACSE Treasurer

9:30-9:40 AM              Introduction of honored guests and keynote speakers - Dr. Zhiguang Yu,

ACSE Vice President

9:40-9:45 AM              Welcome speech - Dr. Chunlai Yang, ACSE President

9:45-9:50 AM              ACSE election result - Dr. Kezhun Li, ACSE Chairman of Board

9:50-9:55 AM              New ACSE President speech - Dr. Kui Chen

9:55-10:10 AM            Guest Speech and Remark       

                                    - Mr. Ping Huang, Consul General, Consulate General of People’s

                                      Republic of China in Chicago.

- Ms. Jianqing Zhang, Deputy Director General, Overseas Chinese Affairs   

   Office of The State Council of the People’s Republic of China

- Prof. Peihua Gu, Vice President, Shantou University

                                     - Representative of Mr. Rod Blagojevich (Governor of Illinois State)

                                     - Mr. Moses Shang, Chairman, Illinois Asian American Advisory Council            

                                        for Senate President

                                            - Ms. Mattie Hunter, Jr. Senator of Illinois

 - Mr. Gene Lee, Deputy Chief of Stuff at Mayor Office of Chicago.

 - Mr. Kevin Song, Chief Representative of China NDT in USA.

- Ms. Hong Liu, Chairman of Chinese-American Association of Greater            


10:10-10:30 AM          “Greeting from U. S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao”

Ms. Anna S. Hui, Associate Counselor, U.S. Labor Department

10:30-11:10 AM           “Reflections on Derivatives Markets and Connections to China

                                     Mr. Leo Melamed, Chairman Emeritus of CME Group

11:10-11:50 AM          “The Policy and Environment for Technical Innovations in China”        Mr. Xinnan Li, Deputy Director General, The Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC

11:50-12:30 PM          “The Importance of Brand – From Enterprise to Individuals

                                    Mr. Al Lee, Director, Motorola

Luncheon Session (Lakeside Pavilion Tent)

Moderator:  Dr. Xiao Xu, ACSE Vice President

12:30-2:00 PM            Reward the retired board members and introduce new board members 

 “ACSE 15 Years”       Dr. Tianyu Xiong, Founding President of ACSE

ACSE Contribution and Sponsorship Award

                                    Introduce the afternoon sessions and speakers

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Afternoon Sessions

2:00-5:00 PM

Session A   Business Environment and Opportunity in China (Room: Lakeshore)

Moderator:  Dr. Hong Jiang, ACSE Vice President

(This session is specially arranged for Chinese speaking)

1. Topic: Introduction of ZhangJiang High-tech Industrial Park – Innovation, Development,

               Investment and Entrepreneurship

    Speaker: Mr. Shouchun Zhu, Vice General Manager, Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd.

2. Topic: Development of JinTong International Industrial Park and Experience of

   Entrepreneurship for Overseas Chinese

    Speaker: Dr. Gong Yi, Chairman, Jingtong Group Company


3. Topic: Research and Academic opportunities in China

    Speaker: Professor Peihua Gu, Vice President, Shantou University


4. Topic: Development of Enterprise in China

    Speaker: Dr. Tianyu Xiong, President, Sunic Company


Session B  Integration into US Mainstream (Room: Marlborough)

Moderator:  Dr. Kezhun Li, ACSE Chairman of the Board


1. Topic: Special Employment Issues of Scientist and Technologist

    Speaker: Steven Weseman, Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property for Cabot Microelectronics Corp.


2. Topic: An Introduction to Six Sigma

    Speaker: Nick Shyamani, Motorola


3. Topic: Diversity and Inclusion in Motorola

    Speaker: Lynn Qian, Motorola.


4. Topic: How to Build a Harmonious Overseas Chinese Community

    Yonggao Wang, President of Chinese American Alliance for China’s Peaceful Reunification


Session C   Live in USA: Investment, Law, Health…  (Room: Barrington)

Moderator:  Ms. Kun Liang, ACSE Vice President

1. Topic: Legal Environment for Foreign Investment Enterprises in China - Focus on Best Buy’s

    New Store Opening in Shanghai and Joint Venture

    Speakers:  Mr. Scott Cauwels, Senior Corporate Counsel, Best Buy

                     Dr. John Huang, John Z. Huang Associates


2. Topic: Cholesterol

    Speaker: Professor Xingwu Wang, Truman College


3. Topic: Retirement and Education

    Speaker: Ms. Joanna Wang, Prudential Financial


4. Topic: Building Our Own Business While Working for a Corporation: A Unique Double

                Back-Up Model

    Speaker: Dr. Jin-Shan Wang, Eastman Kodak


Banquet Session (5:30-8:30 PM)

Dr. Kui Chen, New President of ACSE

(House of Hunan Restaurant 1233 E. Golf Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173 Tel. 847-605 1166)

*Optional for attendees. Pre-registration needed. Charged $25 each person





The Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers – USA (ACSE)

The 15th Annual Conference and Symposium on

Strengthen Sino-US Science, Technology and Culture Exchange

Top of FormPromote Civilization and Harmonious Development in the Society


国务院侨办特组“中国创业政策咨询报告团” 参会演讲






Public are Welcome (Free of Charge)



时间:200710月7日,星期日(9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

地点:The Westin Chicago Northwest Hotel

      (400 Park Boulevard, Itasca, IL, 60143, USA Tel: 630-773-4000)


主题演讲贵宾:      Ms. Anna S. Hui, 美国劳工部赵小兰部长特别助理


Mr. Leo Melamed, CME终身主席,金融期货创始人




              Mr. Al Lee,Director, Motorola

                        “品牌的重要性 - 从企业到个人 


下午分会隆重推荐“中国创业政策咨询报告团” 的精彩报告:






分会主题:  (1). 中国创业环境及机遇

          (2). 华人在当地主流社会的发展

          (3). 生活在美国 -投资理财,法律知识,保健需知。。。



免费参加, 如在饭店午餐,成本费$25,学生优惠价$15

联系电话:(847)715-6178; (630)881-5550; (312)735-9649