Dear fellow Fudanese, I am inviting you to reserve your time to join us for the 2007 CFAA extended board member meeting. Please let me know if you are NOT able to attend. (There are some Chinese characters in the email, let me know if you can’t read it.)


Date: Saturday, Nov 17th, 2007, afternoon 3:30pm.

Place: Chicago Northwest Chinese Church 芝加哥西北華人教會

2401 Kirchoff Road, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-1810


Two main agendas for the meeting:


  1. Discuss our roles in helping our the “Chicago Chinese Greeting 2008 Olympic series, 芝加哥華人迎奧運系列活動大會”, See the attached to document for some detailed proposal. Let’s try to spend our time focus on what areas we can help instead of new ideas.


  1. We are establishing a relationship with Chicago Northwest Chinese Church to help us initiate a mission for CFAA. That’s to help our members with their family difficulties – 幫助關懷校友及其家庭 (Jobs loss, Health issue – specially those visiting parents who don’t have insurance, marriage difficulties…). We will be introducing some leaders of the Church to our board members. We had good relationship with the Church. One of the guest Pastor David Chi who was a professional singer for 20+ years join CFAA at the Mid Autumn festival in China Town and gave an impressive performance.


After the meeting, all who like to stay are invited to stay at the Dinner (families are welcome) provided by Chicago Northwest Chinese Church, this will be Thanks Giving Dinner I believe the food will be delicious. (5:30pm – 7:00pm)


For those (families are welcome) who like to join the evening event hosted by Chicago Northwest Chinese Church (7:15pm – 9:15pm), below are a summary of the guest speaker:  Dr. Yip was born in Guangzhou, China. She received her M.D. in China and later pursued a career in the U.S. Currently; she works at the surgery department of V.A. hospital in Houston, Texas. Topic of The evening: 人生如何?


Call me if you have any question. 847-821-8362