ANNUAL CHINA SYMPOSIUM: 32nd Anniversary Event, Saturday, Dec. 2, 2006


FOR:                                People Interested in China   (business, art, science, society)

FROM:                   US-China Peoples Friendship Association, Chicago Chapter           

SUBJECT:             Annual China Symposium

                                    Showcasing Chicagoland Universities, Museums, businesses w/China activities

                        Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of the USCPFA and its Chicago Chapter

                        To Foster Friendship, Fellowship, Understanding between the Peoples of U.S. and China

WHEN:            Saturday afternoon, December 2, 2006, 12-5:45 p.m.

WHERE:            Hosted in 2006 by Loyola University Chicago, Lake Shore Campus, Crown Center

COST:                                    $20 Adult, $30 Family, $5 Students and Teachers


                         Topics.  Typically, twelve “China Topic” talks, equally divided among the following three simultaneous tracks: Arts and Philosophy; Commerce; and Society, Science & Technology.  Topics in past years have included: commerce (e.g., Acquisitions and Real Estate in China-business and legal considerations); art (e.g., Chinese Painting and Calligraphy; Chinese Literature, Music); politics (e.g., Village Democracy; The One China Policy and the “Anti-Secession Law”); philosophy (e.g., Confucianism); society and science (e.g., Women in China; Agriculture in China: Ingenious Repositioning to High Margin Products for WTO; AgBiotech and Stem Cell Research in China). 

Reception follows (with Chinese music and appetizers).

Speakers.  Distinguished speakers have accepted and been invited in this and past years from major Chicagoland organizations with China activities, including Universities (e.g., University of Chicago, University of Illinois, Northwestern, Loyola and DePaul Universities), museums (e.g., Art Institute, Field Museum, Chinese-American Museum of Chi.), local business officials (e.g., British Petroleum, BankOne, Baker & McKenzie law firm), and others.  Talks last approximately 50 minutes each (including 10 or so minutes of Q&A) and are geared to a diverse, lay audience.

2006 Keynote AddressThe Jesuits and the Opening of China and Europe to Each Other Starting in 1600, including the West’s adoption of China’s approaches and ideas in the 17th and 18th Centuries

USCPFA Background.  The USCPFA has 50 or so chapters in cities throughout the U.S. and a liaison organization in China with offices in the capital city of each province and other major cities, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (Youxie).  The USCPFA originated from the historic 1972 “friendship handshake” between the U.S. President and Chinese Premier.  The principal purpose of the USCPFA is to foster friendship, fellowship and understanding between the peoples of the U.S. and China.  (see

For Businessmen, Too.  In international business, experts agree that evidencing familiarity with the culture you’re dealing with helps establish rapport, trust, confidence and understanding to further business objectives.

To RegisterE-mail info requested to (indicate USCPFA in the subject line) and pay at the door for priority seating.  Walk-ins accepted, subject to pre-registrations.  Questions? Call 847.251.1400, ext. 0.

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E-mail:______________________  Educational Institution (if student or teacher) ________________________

EVENT LOCATION AND DIRECTIONS: Loyola’s centerpiece Crown Center, on Lake Michigan By CTA: Redline to Loyola Station Stop, walk ½ block north to W. Loyola Ave., East 2 blocks to Crown Center.  By Car: 6525 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60626; see, click on “About Loyola, Maps/Directions” for same; approx. corner of N. Sheridan Rd. & Devon Ave.  On campus parking garage available for $6.

                      You are encouraged to deliver this information to others you think might be interested in

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ANNUAL CHINA SYMPOSIUM, Sat., Dec. 2, 2006 (10/10/06 draft)

CHINA TALKS: TIMETABLE – Loyola University Chicago-Lakeshore Campus, Crown Center

[Order and Times of Speakers Subject to Adjustment]


12 Noon            REGISTRATION BEGINS           [For Regist. info. and Venue see WWW.USCPFA.ORG/CHICAGO]

                                    Contact: (indicate USCPFA in subject line); 847.251.1400 ext. 0

12:40-55 PM            WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION [approx. 3 minutes each]


President, US-China Peoples Friendship Association-Chicago Chapter: Roger Noback

Consul General, Chinese Consulate in Chicago: Hon. Xu Jinzhong (tent. acceptance)

Director, Loyola Asian Studies Program: Ann M. Harrington, Ph.D.

Ass’t Provost, VP International Programs, Dir. Beijing Center, Loyola University Chicago: Dr. Patrick Boyle


1 PM

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Guy Alitto, Prof. History, University of Chicago


The Jesuits and the Opening of China and Europe to Each Other Starting in 1600 (tent. title)
Including the West’s adoption of China’s approaches and ideas in the 17th and 18th Centuries











Intros: _______

Intros: ________

Intros: ________


2 PM

Jay Xu; Barbarian Kingdoms: Ancient Treasures from South and Southwest China; Chair, Dept. of Asian and Ancient Art; Art Institute of Chicago

Sonny Yi Shen; Publicly Traded Stocks of Chinese Companies in the U.S. and China; Managing Director, Digilog Shen LLC

Robert Easter; [Chinese Agriculture: Recent and Prospective Changes, tent. title]; Dean, College of Agriculture, U. of Illinois


3 PM

Peter Carroll; [Suzhou’s Architectural Treasures and their Historic Preservation, tent. title]; Prof. History, Northwestern U.

Preston Torbert; Challenges in Drafting English-Chinese Bilingual Contracts; Partner, Baker & McKenzie law firm

Mihwa Choi; History of Religious Freedom in China [tent. title]; Ph.D. Candidate of Prof. Anthony Yu; U. of Chicago Divinity School


4 PM


Yarina Liston; Chinese Buddhism and the Martial Arts, Visit. Prof.; Loyola


Mark Croll; [Intellectual Property Protection in China, tent. title]; Vice President Patents & Technology, ITW (Illinois Tool Works, Inc.)



Mark Allee; [China’s 11th 5 Year Plan (2007-2011): Highlights, tent. title]; Prof., Loyola University


Note: China Talks are 50 minutes long (including approx. 10 minutes of Q&A), with 10 minute break between each talk.  The 3 rooms for each track of talks are near each other.


5-5:45 PM            RECEPTION, includes refreshments with Chinese appetizers


Chinese MusicMs. Janice Yang, President, Yellow River Performing Arts, USA, provides introductory recital pieces and reception background music on the Zhang (Chinese harp/zither), with Guang Long Li, erhu accompanist:; 630.893.6044


Photo Exhibit: College of DuPage 2006 China Trip Course focusing on Xinjiang and Gansu Provinces and Regions on display during Symposium