The concert on July 17, 2007 was really a success!

Lang Lang didn't disappoint us. He showed us not only his perfect skill
but also his real passion. He conquered the atmosphere at Ravinia. The
performance was so attractive that you couldn't let yourself not be
concentrated. There were always critics saying that Lang Lang was a show
boy rather than a pianist since he always seemed over-excited when
performing. But this time when we met Lang Lang by ourselves, we could
obviously feel that he just became mature and was totally able to speak
out what's from the bottom of his heart by his fingers. That was so
touching, no show-off, just something really true.

So what is the thing that Lang Lang was trying to express to the
audience? It's our China. Huang He is where our nation originated, and
the Huang He Concerto performed in this evening is a representative of
our Chinese cultural spirit. As a Chinese, we know the background of
this song and it could bring us tears when we listen to it. I heard the
words like "gorgeous, unbelievable, fantastic" from the American
audience around me. Maybe they don't know what the song is really about,
but I'm sure they can feel that there's respect and confidence from the
performance and they know the song is from China.

We also had lots of family members coming in the evening, especially
lots of children, who might not have many chances to get in touch with
the Chinese music. Besides the Huang He concerto, the Air Suite
performed before it also provided us essence of Chinese folk songs. The
atmosphere of this evening gave the children at least an idea of what
the Chinese tradition is about. This is so good, isn't it?

Thanks, Lang Lang and Chicago Symphony Orchestra, you gave us an evening
to remember. Hope we can have similar events in the near future. The
music is what we can all get benefit from!

Tang, Jin