The Sunday June 10, 2007 meeting is a great gathering. More than 20 alumni plus around 20 family members and friends attended the meeting and/or the subsequent picnic.

The expanded board meeting was held at Shi Yu home, which was impressively decorated with antique furniture. Jiang Jiaqi, Lu Hao, Shi Yu, Li Shuang, Wang Jian, Chen Weizhu, Tang Liang, Chen Wei, Fang Liqiong, Yuan Hang, She Liwen, Zhou Jiangang, Zhuang Zhongwei, Tang Jin, and Wu Xuanhong attended the meeting.

HEALTH, SPORTS, and ARTS were major topics in the meeting. CFAA 2007 Annual Picnic Gathering will center on the major theme of HEALTH, SPORTS, and ARTS. The CFAA 2007 Annual Picnic Gathering currently is scheduled in mid-August, 2007.

Health was an important subject in the meeting. This year is 80-Year Anniversary of Former Shanghai Medical University (currently Fudan Shanghai Medical College). Healthcare professionals Jiang Jiaqi, Chen Weizhu, Chen Wei, and Fang Liqiong attended the meeting. Senior Physician Chen Weizhu was trained in both modern and traditional medicine. She is also a good piano player and a Taiji trainer. Dr. Chen adopted a holistic approach to personal health care.

Half a dozen sports-event organizers came to the meeting to discuss sports. Shi Yu, She Liwen, and Zhuang Zhongwei organized many tennis tournaments and they won the top 3 places in 2006 Chicago Chinese Tennis Championship. Top table tennis player Chen Wei initiated and helped to organize a Table Tennis Championship together with leading alumni associations and Argonne Chinese Scholars Association. Top woman table tennis player Fang Liqiong won second place in 2007 Alumni Table Tennis Championship. Zhou Jiangang organized a golf tournament and several Bridge competitions.

Amateur piano player and IIT student Tang Jin brought wonderful music stories to the meeting. Similar to New York and London, Chicago is also a top music city in the world. After the meeting Tang Jin played "Canon" by Pachelbel, "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", and "Fantasie Impromptu" by Chopin. Tang Jin’s excellent performance won lasting applause. Chen Weizhu played "Study of Piano" by Czerny and “Maiden's Prayer” by Badarzewska.

CFAA 2006-2007 Presidents Wang Jian and Jiang Jiaqi reviewed work and progress.
Professor Jiang Jiaqi is a visiting professor of Fudan University and participated in Fudan Alumni events in China. Prof. Jiang also represented CFAA in healthcare professional event in Chicago. The blue CFAA flag designed by Prof. Jiang was well received.

Wang Jian highlighted CFAA membership growth from 84 members in June 2006 to around 240 members in June 2007. The connection between members also grows stronger. CFAA now is at a strong position and we need open the door for alumni to grow their leadership capabilities and organizational skills. Wang Jian recommended Shen Yanping, Zhou Jiangang, Chen Wei, Tang Jin, and Chen Yun as new board members. Shi Yu recommended She Liwen and Zhuang Zhongwei and Shen Yanping recommended Lu Hao and Yuan Hang to the board. Senior Physician Chen Weizhu was recommended to the standing committee of the board.

Shi Yu is an experienced social event organizer. Shi Yu has strong character and value, impressive personal style, and a compassionate heart. Shen Yanping is working on building stronger connection to Chinese Consulate and Chinese Community in Chicago.

In the acceptance speech Shi Yu emphasized on helping alumni and bringing a high purpose to CFAA. Attendants gave a warm applause to show their support for Shi Yu. This meeting confirmed Shi Yu and Shen Yanping’s candidacy for 2007-2008 CFAA President and Vice President. We will have formal transition in CFAA 2007 Annual Gathering in mid-August.

The picnic started at 5:30PM as scheduled in Shi Yu’s patio and backyard. Even though Shi Yu’s home is quite new, the backyard is a forest of big trees. The paved brick path leads people in and out of trees.

Over 40 alumni, family members, and friends came to the picnic. Alumni Jiang Lan, Yang Guang, Sun Min, Zhao Zhixiong, Feng Ying, and Yan Yimin joined the picnic. Prof. Jiang brought back his family to the picnic after went to the airport to pick them up. Shi Yu, Yuan Hang, She Liwen, and Zhuang Zhongwei worked together to prepare foods and drinks. Several alumni brought cooked food to the party. Children got their favored food and had a playful time together. People met old friends and made new friends. There were casual talks about families, warm talks about business, and intimate discussion about healthcare concern. At the end of the picnic we enjoyed Tang Jin and Chen Weizhu’s wonderful music performance.

D & M Bamboo Flooring Company sponsored this event.

Wang Jian