Dear Fudan Folks,

I want to thank all of you who attended the Aug.10 CFAA event. The Aug 10 Fudan Event Celebrating the Opening of Beijing is a great success. More than 300 people attended the celebration, making it a prominent event in Chicago Chinese Community.

In the following web page please find a news report about the Aug 10 Event.

Thanks to Sunny and his wife Lily for their hard work and dedication to CFAA and their helps offered to Fudan alumni. In the following web page please find an article from a visiting Fudan student expressing thanks for Sunny and Lily.

Sunny contributed enormously to the success of the Aug 10 Fudan Event and provided help to many alumni. Sunny set up big screen TV with Olympics Opening Ceremony, brought many tables and chairs, set up sound system and prepared CFAA banner, distributed food to attendants, invited many friends and guests, applied sponsorship for the event.

Thanks to Li Yi for bringing 40 members from Culture and Career Club to the event. Also thanks to Li Yi for his wonderful song.

Thanks to Zhuang Zhongwei for inviting many tennis players to the event.

Thanks to She Liwen for preparing food for the event.

Thanks to Prof. Cao Qiling, Zhou JianGang, Chen Wei for taking photos.

Thanks to Li Jianwei for working on registraion and bringing water mellon.

Thanks to Tu Xionghai for arranging baseball game for children.

Thanks to Wang Jian for writing announcement and news report, inviting VIPs, applying for sponsorship, and preparing brochures.

Thanks for Zuo Yu for transporting brochures.

Below is a web page for CFAA 2008 brochure.

Thanks to Shi Yu, Tu Xionghai and Hu Jie for carrying the big 60-inch TV.

Thanks to Xu Xiangdong and Zhou JianGang for providing sound system.

Thanks to Yuan Hang and Zhuang Zhongwei for purchasing bottle water, paper towels, plates, forks.

Thanks to Shi Yu, Li Shuang, Tang Jin, Yuang Hang, Zhou JianGang, Li Ying for distributing food and water.

Also many thanks go to Culture and Career Club, Wanxiang Football Club, Macro, Greater Chicago Chinese Tennis Association, Xilin Fenghua Chinese School, Yellow River Performing Art. Thanks to Tianjin University Alumni Association for arrangement of balloon sculpture.

Together we make the Aug 10 Event a great success.

Kate Shen,

President of CFAA