How to make the quickest career transition from web engineer to venture capitalist?

Huang Weiqing(Walter) , former VP of ACSE, Former VP of Chicago Chinese Computing Professional Association( CCCPA), and founding member of Chicago Fudan Alumni Association( CFAA), received $8 millions in VC commitment to star an internet content company.

After Walter quit his job to plan for the launch of his start up company, the dot-com bubble went burst. The VCs asked Walter if he want to get the fund to start his internet content company, Walter gave a no answer even it meant that he would receive no income to compensate for his opportunity loss of a good job in a good company.

After being idle on the internet content company project, the VCs asked Walter to join them in their venture capital projects in sports and entertainment.
That is how Walter completed his career transition from web engineer to venture capitalist.

Walter just made a successful IPO of $27 million in August 2009 for his China Wind Power International Corp.

It is a great successful story at a time of economic recession.

It took a devoted social event organizer to put other's interest first and got recognized and rewarded in the process.

Based on the same spirit of devotion and cooperation, CFAA worked together with Professional Associations ACSE, TCFA, and Alumni Associations of Beida, Nanda, Tianda, Tsinghua to host the "2009 Greater Chicago Chinese Professional and Alumni Associations Picnic and Social Gathering".

Over 700 people attended the event. Over 20 companies and organizations sponsored the event. Over $2000 was invested on tents, equipment, game facilities for children.

Fudan alumni Singing Champion Li Yi, Fermi Researcher Wu Weimin, Professor Cao Qiling(Medicine) , Professor Fu Yangxin(Medicine) , CFAA President Li Jianwei, CFAA VP Zhou JianGang, Fomer CFAA President Wang Jian, ACSE VP and Chief Organizer of Picnic Xu Xiangdong, Former ACSE VP Yu Zhiguang, and many other alumni attended the event.

In the following web page please find the news report of the event with many pictures.

Wang Jian