Below is a list of New Year, New Spring, and other activities organized or participated by Fudan alumni.


1: CFAA Vice President Shen Yanping organized a Business Tax Seminar on Feb 24, 2008. Fudan alumni Xu Bo, Li Xiaofang, Zhao Rongkai and other business people attended the seminar. Shen Yanping also represented CFAA in the Feb 17, 2008 Chinese New Year Party of Northern Illinois Chinese Association.


2: Around 20 Fudan alumni and nearly 20 family members and friends attended the Feb 16, 2008 ACSE and 8 Alumni Association Chinese New Year Party. Dr. Chen Weizhu played an active role in raising fund for snow disaster victims in China.


3: Fudan alumni Chen Kui, Li Xiaofang, Wang Jian, Xu Xiangdong, Zheng Kailai, Shen Zixia, Zhai Yitian, Hu Jie watched the February 2, 2008 Yao Ming - Yi Jianlian match in Milwaukee. Shen Yanping arranged tickets for Fudan alumni. Chen Kui spoke to audiences in China through CCTV. Li Xiaofang got two early entry tickets to watch warm ups.


4: Fudan alumni Feng Ying, Ni Jiying, Wang Jian, Shi Yu, Li Shuang, and Li Yi attended the Jan 27, 2008 Chinese New Year Gala organized by Chinese American Association of Greater Chicago.


5: Fudan alumni Wang Jian, Zhou Jun, Shi Yu, Li Yi attended the December 31, 2007 New Year's Eve Party hosted by Mid America Recreation Org. Li Yi is the art director for the party.


6: Fudan alumni Feng Ying, Huang Weiqing, Wang Jian, Ouyang Jun, Shi Yu, Shen Yanping attended a Chinese Culture and Investment discussion on December 30, 2007. Shen Yanping chaired the meeting. Huang Weiqing spoke on several financial topics.


7: Li Yi won First Place in CCTV Singing Competition in North America. This is great news to Fudan alumni and Chicago Chinese Community,