Xia Lei passed away and Ma Dong condition

CFAA lost one of our cherished member Xia, Lei, who is survived by wife Wendy Tian and daughter Nicole Xia. Concerned members can express condolence and/or send donations in the following two venues.

1. Wire transfer to Nicole Xia bank account directly.

Harris Bank
Account#: 7800457222
Route #: 071025661
Account Name: Nicole Xia

2. Send your card/donation to Shi Yu:

Sunny Shi cc. Wendy Tian/Nicole Xia

33 River Oaks Cir East

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

In the following message please find announcement about Xia, Lei by Sunny, Ma Dong visits summary by Sunny, and cancer treatment suggested by Dr. Bob Xu.

Wang Jian

Announcement about Xia, Lei:

I am so sad to announce that one of our CFAA member since 1996 passed away at the young age of 41. Mr Xia, Lei graduated from Fundan Physics Dept in 1988. He then came to US and studied for Master Degrees in EE and Physics in Northern ILL University. He and his wife Wendy have one little daughter Nicole who is 9 years old. Mr Xia, Lei was a very friendly person; He and his family hosted lots of reunions of the Northern ILL University Alumni at their house. Xia, Lei was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in June of 2006. It was a very aggressive cancer. He received the most intense chemo/radiation treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment didnít seem to help. On Nov 20, 2006, Xia, Lei passed away after 5 months of intensive fight with the cancer. Xia, Lei loved tennis, he was an active member of the (Greater Chicago Chinese Tennis Association) GCCTA. GCCTA has organized a donation event for Xia, Leiís family, lots of his close friends participated in the event.

Xia Lei didnít purchase life insurance except his companyís 2xsalary life insurance.


-Sunny (Shi, Yu)

Ma Dong visits Summary:

We made several visits to Ma, Dong - the young Fudan Physics student who is still fighting with Leukemia. Itís been two years since he was first diagnosed with Leukemia. In current situation in China he has an uncertain future, not to mention that he is fighting with a serious disease. The society will not be likely to accept those who are cured from Leukemia. During our visit, we also visited couple of other teenagers who are cured from Leukemia, there is no college/school that will accept them because of their past sickness. Itís very difficult for them to find job because no company wants to hire people who had Ďcancerí before.

Ma, Dong could be very upset and depressed with all the challenges his is facing. Physically, he is tired. But his spirit is very much alive and strong, he has no fear of the sickness and is quite charm about the uncertain future. When we visited him, we talked, laughed together and enjoyed very good fellowship together. His spirit really lifted me up.

Ma, Dong is still going through regular checkup and some time Chemo treatments. His father and mother are staying with him to give him support. They are living in a dorm room in Fudan.

Ma, Dongís family showed great appreciation for the support from CFAA. The donation CFAA made is designated for the bone marrow transplant, since the doctors are still searching for matching bone marrow donor; therefore, the fund is not being used.

For those who are going back to China/Shanghai and want to visit Ma, Dong, please contact Sunny Shi sshi@spss.com for more information.

In the following web page please find a news report about CFAA donation to Ma, Dong.



-Sunny (Shi, Yu)

Xu, Boís suggestion for cancer treatments:

I was shocked to learn that Xia Lei passed away due to cancer. Following please find the links that I mentioned over the phone:




Some other ACMA cancer treatments have not been published yet.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Bob Xu (Xu, Bo)